how to dispose of concrete

How to Dispose of Concrete from Construction Projects?

Concrete pick-up is a major point of concern across all major nations of the world. After all, about 85% approximacalltoy of demolition and construction wastes were generated even a few years back in the UK. Close to 67.8 million tonnes were non-hazardous wastes, out of which 62.6 million tonnes got recovered, which was nothing short of a 92.3% recovery rate! Hence, it makes sense to know how to dispose of concrete.

Why is the Disposal of Concrete so Important?

In reality, concrete constitutes a significant portion of our overall waste. Naturally, the disposal of it occupies a lion’s share of our lives! Thankfully, there are construction dumpster rental companies aplenty.

But before you rely on them for concrete disposal, there are ways and means of accomplishing the job by yourself. From homeowners to contractors- know how to dispose of concrete chunks. Think of gravel alternatives or paving from the driveways and using the mulch and material for oceanic habitats and you’ll know how immensely helpful the residual concrete can be.

In the event of not being able to do so, then you need to resort to the help of concrete removal dumpster professionals or concrete pick-up service. But instead of dumping, try and adopt a more ecological approach by recycling.

How to Get Rid of Concrete?

Here’s how:

Rent a Quality Dumpster

For a more affordable and quicker way of getting rid of asphalt, concrete, or other heavy construction materials like bricks, try the roll-off dumpsters. Ideally, these are likely to handle anything between 3 and 12 pickup trucks’ capacity for holding the materials.

Now you know why we believe it’s an effective solution for disposing of bulk wastes. But then, you have the option of renting any sized dumpster, as per your needs. Only for the heavier ones, be a little wary about the correct weight capacity.

Simply set up the delivery date and time and keep the rental for the weekend, or a few days more, if needed. Load the container while you clean up, and then schedule the pickup, once done.

Get in Touch with a Building Supplies Retailer

There are times when building supplies retailers find it helpful to accept concrete that hasn’t been used for long. If you’re ready to contact several retailers, then this is a good option for you.

These businesses calltol you to bring the concrete to them, rather than providing any pick-up services. So, ensure how much of the materials you have, and if you can carry them.

Find a Landscaping Company

Believe it or not, most landscaping companies are constantly on the lookout for leftover concrete, as a part of their ongoing projects. They mostly use these leftover materials as greener options, by which flower boxes, sidewalks, and similar constructions are made. These concrete materials are used as the base layer for making new roads.

Leave the ‘Free’ Sign Out

For those who can’t find buyers online, try and get rid of the concrete or asphalt for free, by keeping a sign right at the end of the driveway. This is especially useful if your property is just on a roadway and passers-by can easily detect the sign and the offer inside. If your residential area is inside the homeowner’s association, then pay special emphasis to see that the debris is left outside.

Work by Yourself

When nothing works out and you have ample time, why not get rid of the concrete and asphalt yourself? Check out with the nearest landfill or the transfer station or take help from construction dumpster service agents.

If you don’t have much of an idea, search through the portals and directories to find country landfills. But whenever you dump the concrete by yourself, check that the local facility is available to the public and they accept such materials.

Donate to the Community

Let’s be honest here. Concrete isn’t cheap! So instead of wasting the materials, get in touch with local businesses and contractors who are open to the idea of taking the leftover concrete for their projects.

You can keep a close eye on any advertisement or post one yourself on a daily or on social media or even let neighbors know your intention. Not that you’ll make a lot of money with it, but the outcome works wonders.


The idea is to learn how to dispose of concrete that would work for everyone. And most importantly, you’re aware of environmental damages.

You can try choosing dumpster rentals, wherein experts pay a visit and they remove the concrete or teach you how to get rid of concrete in easy ways. But whatever you do, keep a tab on your budget.