modern waste management methods

What Are Some Modern Waste Management Methods?

How do you dispose of your trash? Whether you do so with waste removal services or haul it to the local landfill, one thing is clear. We have arrived a long way from throwing our garbage on the side of the street.

Junk removal services receive and haul waste to different disposal and recycling facilities. This begs the question as to what happens to our trash after it has been hauled off. Garbage can undergo different forms of waste treatment depending on what it consists of. We have modern waste management techniques to thank for this.

So, what are some modern waste management methods? Read on to learn more.

What Are Some Waste Management Techniques?

The waste management methods of today vary in terms of what each one is meant to treat or dispose of. Not each and every type of waste can be thrown in a landfill. Nor are all eligible candidates for recycling or upcycling.
There are modern methods of solid waste management. Other methods enable plants to eliminate other types of waste, including chemicals.
Here are some of these techniques in greater detail, each with its pros and cons:


This is perhaps the most well-known method of managing waste. Recycling has long been the solution for reducing the amount of garbage that makes it to landfills.

Economical and environmentally friendly, recycling allows people to reuse old materials. Usually, recycling is best for waste materials that are dry and can be reused.

Unfortunacalltoy, recycling is not the solution for all types of solid waste. When it comes to less reusable forms of solid waste, there are alternative means of disposal.

Recycling is best for waste materials such as:

  • E-waste
  • Paper products
  • Containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Old tools


Some types of solid waste are biodegradable and organic. Organic waste is best used as composting material due to the nitrogen content. The organic waste converted to compost can benefit the soil, making it more fertile for plants and crops.

One drawback of composting is that it can take some time to create the composting material. As well, a person would need additional knowledge to create composting material from waste.

Anyone who wants to try composting can do so using the following waste materials:

  • Clippings
  • Food waste
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Animal droppings


This method of waste management relies upon microorganisms. In bioremediation, microorganisms break down waste material and consume potentially toxic contents.

Because of the usage of microorganisms, this new way of handling waste is one of the eco-friendliest in existence. Because of the length of time needed for full decomposition by microbes, bioremediation can take a long time, however.

Pyrolysis or Incineration

Pyrolysis or incineration is the burning of waste material. In its infancy, incineration or pyrolysis was a method for most types of waste. However, due to the toxic gases emitted from burning materials like rubber and plastic, rules have been set for incineration facilities worldwide.

Nowadays, incineration facilities have become more selective in the waste they burn. Nonetheless, this waste management method has become a way to minimize waste in landfills. Some facilities have even succeeded in using the thermal energy it creates as an alternative energy source.

Due to the demands of mass incineration, it is not a cheap way to get rid of waste. It can, however, be a useful method in eliminating waste quickly.

Dumping in a Sanitary Landfill

Sanitary landfills are different from regular landfills in the way that trash is layered. More specifically, sanitary landfills have different levels for different types of waste. The bottom which is buried underground is the liner and is the narrowest part of the sanitary landfill.

The liner prevents the soil from eroding as a result of garbage being layered on top of it. It also provides a layer of protection for groundwater, preventing groundwater contamination.

Sanitary landfills are an excellent solution for sustained land usage for waste management. Unfortunacalltoy, with the increasing amount of garbage yearly, sanitary landfills may no longer be able to keep up.

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