how to put trash bag in trash can

A Guide on How to Put Trash Bag in Trash Can

Although putting a trash bag in a trash can seem like a simple task, you can rely on the internet to revolutionize seemingly simple, everyday tasks. You would have never found yourself wondering “how to put a trash bag in the trash can?” until recent trends on the globally popular social media platform TikTok found a new method for that too. Yes! This method was not coined by a garbage container rental company but by a social media influencer.
It seems like a joke at first. After all, how many methods can exist to put a garbage bag in the trash can? Apparently, you have been doing it wrong your whole life. The method of sliding down your garbage bag into the trash bin and then wrapping its edges around the rim, only to be left with an annoying trash bag bubble, has become obsolete. Thanks to this new trend.

How to put a trash bag in the trash can? – The new way!

Not everyone is actively scrolling through TikTok. Hence, we are here to catch you up on the famed trash bag video posted on the social media platform by a cleaning-related influencer named Hannah Ian under her username @storedsimply.
According to her video, you are doing it wrong! Turns out, there is no need to struggle with a trash bag or end up with a trash bag bubble. Her method makes sense once you realize that most trash bag companies put the seams on their trash bags on the outside. Her method enables the seam to be on the inside of the bag. Bizarre! Right? Here’s how she did it.
This new trash bag method can be simplified and split into 4 (four) easy steps.

  1. Remove the trash bag from the box. However, do not shake it out like you usually would.
  2. Now comes the most crucial part; place the bag’s opening over the lip of the trash can, which should now resemble a hat.
  3. Push the bag into the bin with your hand to get any residual air out. You might need to hold the bag in place with your other hand if you are not explicitly using trash bags with drawstrings.
  4. Voila! You have leveled up your trash bag game.

However, this new method is often met with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, both the methods of inserting garbage bags into the bin are correct. The new “hat method” is quicker and quieter than the old one, which required a fair amount of elbow grease and rustling noises.
There’s a saying, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” The old method was perfectly acceptable and did not cause any issues. Neither method is going to yield better results when it comes to collecting trash. Therefore, you can use any method, as long as you frequently replace your garbage bags when they get full.

Tips for putting a trash bag in the bin

    • Always clean your garbage can before you put a fresh bag in. Garbage bags are made of thin materials and can tear. These tears can cause leaks and leave an unsightly residue on the bottom of your bin. Cleaning your bins can immensely help in your battle against foul smells coming from the bin. Having a clean garbage bin also keeps the likes of ants, roaches, and rodents away.
    • Use the correct garbage bags. Kitchens use heavy-duty trash bags; if you use a smaller bag meant for bedrooms, you will find them filling quickly and even tearing. You must ensure that your garbage bin is not too big or too small for your trash bags.
    • Never run out of garbage bags. Being proactive and stocking up on garbage bags before your run out can be the saving grace for your garbage bins.
    • More often than not, you will find your garbage bags slipping into the bin. This is an annoying problem that plagues many homeowners. To combat this, you can use trash can rubber bands that help secure the bag to the rim of your garbage bins.

The Bottom line

The debate on how to put a trash bag in the trash can is ongoing; some swear by the new method while others are happy to stick to their old habits. The bottom line is you can try both methods and pick the one that works best for you. It is more of a personal choice at this point. Garbage bags are there to help you keep your house clean and tidy. Use them.