how to dispose of batteries

A Guide on How to Dispose of Batteries the Correct Way

You probably already know that battery disposal in the correct manner is critical as they are recycled for future use. However, not many people know how to dispose of batteries in a manner that is necessary and one that will not harm the environment in any way whatsoever.

To keep things simple, let’s discuss the 2 primary battery types: single-use and rechargeable cells.

Single-use batteries are more common than the second kind simply because of the convenience and the cost factors which are associated with them.

All AA, AAA, and 9V cells that we use on a regular basis are single-cell batteries. They are marked by the manufacturers as being non-rechargeable.

The problems that most people encounter when they wonder about how to dispose of a battery are very similar to one another.

Hence, the following are a set of common queries that most people reading this will have. The FAQ format will also help you get your answers a lot more quickly.

Frequently asked questions on how to dispose of batteries

Here are some very common problems associated with the environmentally friendly disposal of batteries.

1. Are all batteries disposable?

Yes, all cells that we use on a day-to-day basis are disposable cells. Even the battery used in your vehicle can be disposed of in a scientific manner that will not pose a risk to the environment.

Please note that the Federal Government recommends that batteries should preferably be disposed of in dumpsters of appropriate sizes when it comes to homes and offices. So, the next time you rent a dumpster from your local agency, ensure that you ask them if they are aware of these policies.

2. Cannot we simply throw batteries in the trash?

Unless you live in California where it is complecalltoy prohibited, you can throw only single-use cells out with the trash. Till around 1996, even that was not permitted since most cells (regardless of voltage generation) had a number of harmful and toxic materials including mercury. After that year, most manufacturers had to comply with the latest laws and had to change their composition.

So, if you are wondering how to properly dispose of batteries that were in use in your children’s toys, remote control devices, most flashlights and other household devices, you can throw them out with the trash.

However, as a citizen with a civic sense, it is always advisable to dispose of them in bins that are provided in most municipalities across the United States.

3. What happens if I throw out rechargeable batteries as well?

It is a practice that is strictly prohibited across the country because these cells can be recycled. Unlike single-cells, you will not have to pay a single penny if you take them to the nearest recycling center. Else, you can simply dispose of them in your private or shared dumpster, which is the better way to go about such things.

Ask your dumpster rental agency for more advice on this specific issue.

4. What is the right way to get rid of batteries?

Half of what you need to know about how to dispose of batteries lies in this question! If you know the best practices for disposal of cells in the right way, the battle is half won.

It is important to remember that you have to abide by a number of laws that are helpful for proper battery disposal. The most elementary ones are these:

• Get a roll of non-conductive tape that is ideally transparent as well. This clear tape has to be wrapped around the terminals of the cell that you are planning to let go off. It will prevent you from getting any kind of shock from the cells as well and will be of great benefit when you are getting rid of bigger car batteries and so on.
Besides, the clear tape will last you for months on end. It is a very good investment.

• If possible, please use cardboard shoe boxes (or something similar) when you are slinging off high-power batteries. You can also use those Amazon boxes in which your products arrive. If you wish, you can wait for 6 months to a year to assemble all the cells that need to be thrown out and then pack all of them in a big box.
Once that is done, you will not have too much hassle dragging the boxes to your dumpster at all!

A few tips

Want to be a friend of the environment and know more on how to dispose of batteries better?

• Always wear gloves whenever you are handling cells of any kind.
• Use plastic bags to keep all dead cells together.
• Contact your city’s recycling center for more ideas!